5 Safety Measures To Expect In A Dentist Visit

With social distancing guidelines beginning to relax across states, some dental offices have reopened for selected procedures. During the height of quarantine though, some clinics have been open for dental emergencies like swelling, uncontrolled bleeding, unbearable pain, and dental concerns related to underlying health conditions.

If you’d like to go in at this time for an elective procedure such as teeth cleaning, you may want to ask yourself if you’re really comfortable to go now or you can wait.

COVID’s nature to spread through respiratory droplets might be putting you more at risk while on the dentist’s chair, with your mouth, eyes, and nose in close contact during a procedure.

You can be assured that dental staff and dentists will have taken precautions and standard protocols as they have always been doing, even before the pandemic. These include cleaning, sanitizing, and wearing protective gear to minimize the risk of transmitting germs.

But here are five other safety measures you can expect when you visit the dentist:

  1. Questionnaires will be given to patients before coming in.
  2. Illness screenings will be conducted for both patients and staff.
  3. Social distancing in the office will be observed. 
  4. Disinfection of common surfaces in waiting rooms, such as doorknobs and countertops, will be frequently done.
  5. Staff will be required to wear the appropriate PPE. 

It’s always best to check with your dentist first if you should come in for an office visit. Or better yet, schedule a telehealth consultation first.

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