5 Simple Tips to Make Your Clear Aligners Less Painful

1. Put on a new tray the night before


The peak of soreness happens when you put on a new tray. If you do it at night, before you sleep, you get to sleep through some of that pain. Imagine putting on a new tray in the daytime; that would mean going through the adjustment pain most of your waking moments!


2. Feel your aligners first


Before putting on a fresh aligner, take your finger and feel the edges for any rough spots. Doing so will let you identify any parts you may need to file away to avoid cutting your tongue or gums.


3. Avoid chewy and crunchy food


Avoid these at least a day after you put on new trays. Since that's the moment your teeth are most sore, you would want to avoid adding to the pain by eating crunchy or chewy food. Eat soup, smoothies, or anything soft. Eat gently until the soreness subsides.

4. Make use of your chewie


Chewies are meant to push new trays into your teeth, but they can also act like a teether, the way babies use it. They are very soothing and massaging, especially when you just put on new trays.


5. Floss regularly


If your gums bleed when you floss, it means you are not doing it consistently and frequently. A lot of the bleeding comes from irritants trapped under your gums, bothering them. The more you floss, the less there should be to irritate your gums and hopefully less bleeding.


There you have it! Here’s to breezing your way through your clear aligners journey. We’re glad to be back, and we’re ready to serve you with a smile! Connect with us today: 1-855-77MYORTHO.

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