7 Pieces of Clear Aligner Advice to Live By

Clear aligners are a great way to move teeth to their desired position and get that dream smile without the brackets and wires of braces.

The process is fairly simple. Virtual models of your teeth are made, showing a series of steps getting from point A to point B. These models are then printed on a 3D printer and used to create clear plastic trays called aligners. Anywhere from 6 to 48 aligners may be needed depending on your teeth.

Once you get your trays, you are ready to start! Here are seven pieces of advice you need to live by as you go on your aligner journey.

1. Wear your aligners constantly.

Wear them for at least 22 hours a day. This is by far the most important one. Anything less than that will make the treatment ineffective. If you see gaps between your teeth and the aligners, it is because you haven’t been wearing them constantly. That will just take you back to square one.

2. Wait 10 minutes after eating.

After eating, wait 10 minutes before putting back your aligners on. You don’t want to have food trapped, especially sugary ones, because there’s no way saliva is going to wash it away. Your teeth need saliva to prevent tooth decay.

3. Have an emery board handy.

Sometimes the edge of the aligners may dig into the gum and cause discomfort. Though this rarely happens, it is best to have an emery board (or nail file) handy to gently smoothen out that part of the aligner that causes gum irritation.

4. Unhook from the back first.

When removing aligners, unhook from the back first, one each side, then the front. This will prevent sudden snaps or jerky movements. Your teeth will like you a lot more with this gentle method.

5. Keep old aligners.

Just in case you may have misplaced or forgotten your aligner somewhere and your teeth have fallen back to their previous position, you may have to put on your last aligner and start back again from that step.

6. Change your aligners before going to sleep.

Change aligners to new ones before you go to sleep. That way, they will settle in overnight in a comfortable state for you. Discomfort disappears in the first 10 hours of changing.

7. If aligners don’t fit, call us.

It is always best to consult with us when aligners don’t fit. This could happen for a number of reasons, and we want to make sure it gets addressed properly.

Getting clear aligners is simply the best treatment out there to get your new smile. We hope these tips helped. Enjoy life while your teeth get straighter!

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