Are You Making These 5 Brushing Mistakes?

So you think you know how to brush your teeth? 

You’ve been doing it for years, but have you ever asked yourself if you’re doing it right?

It may seem like a pretty simple task, but few of us do it right. In fact, brushing mistakes are a lot more common than you think. 

While some of these mistakes may not be a big deal right away, they may pose some risks in the long run.

Check out these five common mistakes people make when brushing their teeth and see if you’re making them too.


  1. You’re brushing too hard

People think they have to brush hard to remove the plaque. Nothing could be further from the truth. Removal of plaque with a toothbrush is done as hard as you would brush your eyelashes, and that’s how well you remove the plaque. In fact, plaque only needs gentle brushing for it to be removed. Brushing hard can lead to tooth abrasion and gum recession.


  1. You’ve been using your toothbrush too long

Do you know how old your toothbrush really is? Its average life span is three months. After 200 uses, the bristles get frayed, and they can’t clean well, so it’s time to look for a new toothbrush to allow you to brush properly.


  1. You rush through brushing

The average American brushes for 45 seconds. This may have become a routine, especially when you feel you’ve hit everything, but the recommended is two minutes. It gives time for fluoride to go into your teeth. This is made easier with built-in timers in electric toothbrushes, or you can time it on your mobile until you get the hang of it.


  1. You’re rinsing with water

You might be wondering, how could water possibly be bad for your teeth? After you brush, the fluoride from your toothpaste is still on your teeth, and that’s good because it’s a mineral that can strengthen your teeth. But when you rinse your mouth, you remove that fluoride, and your teeth don’t get a chance to get stronger. Your best bet could be to rinse with a very small amount of water to at least keep some of that fluoride in your mouth.


  1. You’re not cleaning your tongue

Just brushing your teeth isn’t enough to keep your mouth healthy. Bacteria also lives on your tongue and can lead to bad breath when you don’t clean it. That’s why it’s still good to use a tongue cleaner. Most toothbrushes already have a tongue scraper that you can make good use of. 


What mistakes have you made?

You can always undo old habits and do them effectively this time. 

Consult with us to make sure you have proper brushing techniques in place. Keep safe, keep healthy, and keep smiling!

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