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At My Orthodontist we offer a variety of convenient and customized options when it comes to Clear  Aligner Treatment( CAT) or Invisalign. From our cutting edge technology MYORTHO Clear Aligners (in-house Clear Aligners) which are a perfect option for minimum and small irregularities or spaces to comprehensive Clear Aligner Treatment (CAT) options with Invisalign and 3M Unitek Clarity Aligners we have every possible option for your individualized treatment needs when it come to Clear Aligner Treatments.

What is Clear Aligner treatment?

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Clear Aligner Treatment (CAT) utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology with cutting edge digital printing technology using digital simulation of tooth movement to build clear aligners that move teeth. In order to fabricate the Aligners a comfortable and easy digital scan of your teeth is done at the office by one of our certified technicians. The scan is imported into the software and is programmed by the treating Orthodontist to accomplish the patient's treatment objectives and then exported to the state-of-the-art digital printers which fabricate the Aligners. Patients are delivered Aligners in batches so that the Orthodontist can monitor the progress of the treatment and modify as needed.

Do Clear Aligners really work?

Clear Aligners are similar and no different than any other orthodontic appliance that is used to move teeth. The skills of the Orthodontist and patient compliance in full-time wear of the Aligners are the essential factors in the success of CAT. At MY Orthodontist all of our orthodontists are Board certified and also have additional training in Clear Aligner Treatment (CAT)and Invisalign. We are Premier Providers with Invisalign. The technology of CAT has evolved over the past 20 years and today we can treat all cases with Clear Aligners and Invisalign.From minimum and moderate irregularities and spacing to more severe cases requiring extractions and Jaw surgery.

Should I go with Clear Aligners or traditional Braces?

You are in the driver seat of your own treatment and can decide which option suits you best. Whether you decide to go with metal (colored) braces, Clear braces, or Clear Aligner Treatment (CAT) and Invisalign we will guarantee a beautiful perfect smile and healthy teeth. However, there are some very good reasons to choose Clear Aligner Treatment (CAT) or Invisalign:

  • It requires fewer office visits and less chair time when in the office. A Typical Clear Aligner treatment (CAT) or Invisalign treatment can require anywhere from 2 visits to 12 visits whereas a typical traditional braces can require 6 to 28 monthly visits. The chair time for traditional braces can range from 15 minutes to 30 minutes and with Clear Aligner Treatment and Invisalign it ranges from 5 minutes to 20 minutes.
  • Oral Hygiene- Clear Aligner Treatment and Invisalign require normal brushing and oral hygiene routine which is brushing and flossing two times a day. With traditional braces, you need to brush every time you eat and brush in between the braces and floss more often.
  • Comfort with eating food- When it comes to food Clear Aligner Treatment (CAT) or Invisalign can be the perfect solution for people who have a regular diet as you can remove the Aligners and eat anything you want with comfort of mind. However, if you are a grazer and eat all day Clear Aligner Treatment and Invisalign are not for you.
  • Esthetics-  Clear Aligner Treatment (CAT) or Invisalign offers a better esthetic alternative to braces. The patient can temporarily remove the Aligners for short social functions ( weddings, graduations, a night out, etc)  and place them back in when done. The Aligners are less noticeable when the patient wears them compared to braces. As I always tell patients when you wear braces you are making a statement but with Aligners people hardly notice.
  • Overall comfort- Clear Aligners and Invisalign are more comfortable compared to braces.

The major challenge with Aligners and Invisalign is to wear them 20-22 hours a day. This rule applies to all Clear Aligner Treatments including Invisalign. If you know you are not disciplined enough to put the Aligner back into your mouth after removing them and stay with the 20-22 hours per day Aligner wear then Clear Braces can be an excellent alternative as they are hardly noticeable and No they do not discolor.

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What are the different types of Clear Aligners?

We offer the following Clear Aligner Treatment options:


Invisalign Clear aligners have been around the longest and offer a variety of different options from express products for minor tooth movements to more comprehensive options. Up to 2018 or so, they were the only provider of clear aligners commonly used by orthodontists. Invisalign aligners are comfortable to wear and they have excellent customer service available around the world to patients and doctors alike.

3M Unitek Clarity

3M is a trusted name that offers a variety of different products and services and they have been offering the highest quality of Orthodontic products for a very long time. Recently they introduced the 3M Clarity Aligners which are almost identical to Invisalign and in some respects better as the number of aligners and pricing can be individualized to the patient's needs. 

MYORTHO Clear Aligners

Using high technology digital printers in our digital printing lab located in Cherry Hill, NJ, and software provide by Ulab technologies we design, program, and fabricate our own aligners. These aligners are perfect for teeth shifting due to loss of retainers or minimum to moderate spacing and irregularities of teeth.

All the above technologies utilize Clear Aligner Treatment (CAT) technology and the results will be the same. We will be happy to explain these options further with you during your complimentary Virtual consultation or in-office exam.

Is Clear Aligner Treatment and Invisalign expensive?

Clear Aligners Treatment sometimes can be less expensive than regular braces because it uses the latest technologies in tooth movement and in some cases can complete treatment more quickly and hence will be less expensive. These are typically minimum to moderate spacing or irregularities.

However for more comprehensive cases as the treatment time increases Clear Aligner Treatment and Invisalign can be more expensive than traditional braces. However, when using extended payment plan options the difference in the monthly payment will be minimal. We will be happy to discuss all payment plan options including insurance reimbursement for Clear Aligner Treatment and Invisalign when you schedule your Virtual or in-office complimentary consultation. 

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