Express Clear Aligner Treatment

Clear aligner treatment $1895; $500 down, no credit check, and instant approval!

If you have minor spacing or crowding issues that can be treated in six months or less, take advantage of our great price on express aligner treatment. It’s perfect for a touch up after a previous orthodontic treatment, includes a set of retainers, and two years of follow up appointments.

NJ-KidCare Patients

Braces $2995; $250 down/$125 a month

This special offer is limited to children with the NJ-KidCare program who do not qualify for orthodontic benefits. You must have NJ-KidCare in order to qualify.

Full Braces Treatment

Braces $4495; $500 down/ $165 a month

Our comprehensive orthodontic treatment from start to finish includes all your treatment needs, a set of retainers, and two years of follow up appointments.

Full Clear Aligner Treatment

Clear aligners $4995; $500 down/$185 a month

Our comprehensive clear aligner orthodontic treatment includes all needed refinements to provide a dazzling smile, including a set of retainers and two years of follow up appointments.


  • Refer a Friend: Refer a friend and get $100 off your next treatment.
  • Sibling and Family: Start another family member with us and get 5% off your treatment fee.
  • Pay in Full: Pay in full and get 12% off your treatment fee. A significant discount!
  • Pay 50%: Pay 50% of your treatment fee and get 7% off your total treatment fee.
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