Brushing and Flossing with Braces

Brushing and Flossing with Braces
Posted on 03/07/2016

When you have braces it is more important than ever to follow a good dental hygiene routine. Unfortunately, the wires and brackets of braces make keeping up with your normal brushing and flossing regimen a lot more difficult. 

Never fear though, My Orthodontist has several tools that are specially designed to make brushing and flossing around your braces much easier.

Special Brushing and Flossing Tools

If you find that you’re having trouble keeping the areas around your brackets clean, there are some special tools that may be able to help, including:

  • Proxabrushes
  • Water Picks
  • Floss Threaders

A proxabrush looks like a small toothpick that is covered in soft bristles at the top. This simple tool makes it easier to clean the tiny spaces beneath your wires and around your brackets. It should not replace your regular toothbrush, but it can be used to help make your brushing routine more effective. 

A water pick is a special device that can dislodge bits of food around your braces with the help of a pressurized water stream. Meanwhile, a floss threader is a very simple tool that makes it easier to thread floss into the space above your wire so you can successfully remove food stuck between your teeth. 

Easier Oral Hygiene Through Invisalign

If you still feel that braces might prevent you from maintaining your optimal brushing and flossing routine, Invisalign might be the orthodontic treatment option for you. Invisalign aligners allow you to effortlessly stick to your strict dental hygiene regimen because they can be removed at any time. Take them out prior to brushing a flossing. Then brush and clean them as well (as instructed by your orthodontist) so they stay as fresh and clean as your teeth.

Invest in Your Oral Health Now

Keeping your teeth healthy while wearing braces is vital if you want your smile to be as brilliant and beautiful as possible when your braces finally do come off. So, invest in your oral health by taking the time to properly brush and floss on a daily basis. Trust us, the end result will be well worth the effort.

For more about how to take care of your teeth while wearing braces, contact My Orthodontist today. With locations in West New York, Lawrenceville, East Orange, Cherry Hill, Deptford, NJ and Langhorne, PA, we help patients from a myriad of communities smile brighter every day.

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