Have Yourself A Halitosis-Less Holiday

Have Yourself A Halitosis-Less Holiday
Posted on 12/15/2015

This holiday season don’t scare away people under the mistletoe with a bad case of bad breath. Learn the truth behind halitosis today, and better prepare yourself for a sweet smelling, orally healthy tomorrow.

The Basics of Bad Breath

After food has been broken down in your mouth and swallowed, eventually the particles are digested and thus absorbed into your bloodstream. Once that’s done, the particles will inevitably make their way into your lungs where their odor mixes with the air you put out each time you breathe. The odor will then stick with you until those foods have been completely passed out of your body.

Less Brush Equals Worse Breath

Bad breath (medically referred to as halitosis) can often be the result of an inadequate dental health routine. When you do not brush and floss your teeth thoroughly on a regular basis, food particles can remain trapped in and around your teeth and gums. These particles promote the growth of bacteria in your mouth, causing bad breath.

Dental/Oral Health Problems Resulting from Halitosis

There a many medical oral issues tied to the presence of bad breath. However, one of the greatest is gum disease.

If you struggle with consistent halitosis, it could be a sign of developing gum disease (i.e. periodontal disease).  Gum disease occurs as a result of bacteria build-up around your teeth. When you neglect to properly brush and floss your teeth, bacteria have a chance to grow, which creates toxins in your mouth that irritate the gums. 

Safeguarding Your Smile

At My Orthodontist (office locations in: Lawrenceville, East Orange, Cherry Hill, West New York, and Deptford, NJ as well as Langhorne, PA) we work hard to help you achieve the straight, beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. However, completing orthodontic treatment like braces or Invisalign is not enough to guarantee your results for a lifetime. You must also keep your teeth and mouth healthy in general.

Overall—this holiday season and beyond—if you are realizing that your halitosis is sticking around, that is a sign that your dental hygiene habits leave something to be desired. So, while braces might make it more difficult, begin incorporating a regular and thorough teeth-cleaning routine into your daily life now. That way when your orthodontist does remove your braces, your teeth will be both straight and in good health.

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