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Braces are one of the most effective ways to straighten your teeth. Thanks to advances in orthodontic technology in recent years, there’s a set of braces out there to satisfy everyone’s smile. The team at My Orthodontist offers state-of-the-art adult braces for all of their patients who want a healthier and more attractive smile. Schedule a visit today to one of their nine convenient locations in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, and Deptford Township, Lawrenceville, Medford, Bayonne, West New York, West Orange, Cherry Hill, and Paterson, New Jersey. Book your appointment by calling the office or using the online tool.

Adult Braces Q & A

How are adult braces different than regular braces?

While the actual appliance is the same for adults and younger patients, orthodontic treatment with adult braces requires a slightly different approach. While you’re never too old to straighten your smile with braces, some additional considerations come with orthodontic treatment when you’re an adult.

First, the teeth and jaws of adults are no longer in flux like they are when you’re growing and developing. This leaves your alignment less malleable, which prevents your orthodontist from using certain appliances to correct your smile.

Also, adults are at a higher risk of developing periodontal disease. If your gum tissue isn’t healthy while your braces are shifting your teeth, bone loss can occur, which can weaken the long-term effects of your treatment. It’s essential to treat any gum disease before starting orthodontic treatment. Keep up with regular professional cleaning and at-home dental care to keep your gums healthy during orthodontic treatment, too. 

What types of adult braces do you offer?

My Orthodontist offers a variety of braces that are well-suited for adult patients, including:

Traditional metal braces

The most common and classic of the different types of braces, traditional metal braces are made from high-grade stainless steel. While they’re more noticeable than the other adult braces options, traditional metal braces have seen dramatic improvements in recent years, and are much more comfortable and less noticeable than ever.

Clear braces

Clear braces are structurally identical to traditional metal braces, but the brackets are made of clear ceramic or plastic, which makes them nearly invisible. The only metal part is the thin archwire that runs through the brackets. While clear braces are popular for adult patients, they’re slightly more susceptible to damage than metal braces.

Lingual braces

Lingual braces are even less obvious than clear braces because they’re bonded to the back of your teeth. They can be slightly more difficult to get used to wearing, and tend to be more expensive than traditional braces, but they’re a discreet option. 

Clear aligners

Clear aligners such as Invisalign® straighten your smile with a series of plastic trays that fit snugly over your teeth and look nearly invisible in your mouth. Like braces, they exert a small amount of pressure that gently pushes your teeth into proper alignment. 

How do I maintain my smile after treatment with adult braces?

After you’ve finished straightening your smile with adult braces, the team at My Orthodontist gives you a retainer to wear to ensure that your newly aligned smile stays in place. Wearing your retainer as prescribed gives the bone supporting your teeth enough time to develop around your tooth roots in their new positions, preventing them from drifting back to their original alignment. 

To learn more about how adult braces can benefit your smile, schedule a consultation with My Orthodontist today by calling one of the offices, or booking a visit online.